Indra Dev Vaastu Remedies


Grants Organised Systems

“ Accompany the Indra Dev placed in the East, with a Pyramid in the zone of fun – East-North East, and a Pair of White Horses in the zone of sex – North-North West, and you will enjoy life with sex, fun and happiness.”

Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 2.5in, 4in & 5.5in

Weight approx: 1kg



Indra Dev is often mentioned in the Pauranic literature. Vedas describe him as Mahendra. He has been considered as the lord of heaven or swargaloka and is responsible for the smooth and orderly functioning of heaven where he leads a life full of bliss and luxury. A sculpture of Indra Dev should be placed on a table in the East zone of the building; the sculpture must face the West. By placing this remedy, you can be sure that you will meet new people and develop new contacts or connections. Indra Dev also ensures that skilled people join you and your business. In addition to this, if your work seems to be disorganised, then this remedy will help you bring a sense of order in your life and will assist you to get it ‘back on track’. It removes obstacles which you may face when starting a new project or in any work that requires you to deal with the government. Indra Dev can also be used, to help you win government contracts and deals.

Caution: Ensure that no statues or pictures of Gods (Devtas) or Goddesses (Devis) are placed with the statue of Indra Dev. This Vastu remedy brings about very quick changes such as, sudden opportunities or unexpected benefits and gains. It would be better to judiciously consider the proper use of such benefits before applying this particular remedy.


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