Numerology: Meaning of Numbers 1 to 9

In Numerology there is a specific meaning of numbers 1 to 9 and just like musical notes, each number has its own vibration and effect. 


Throughout your life, these numbers in one way or the other always affect you positively or negatively. For example, your Birth Date, Passport number, PAN card number, Driving License Number, Flat or House Number, Bank Account Number, Mobile Number etc. 


However, you cannot choose many of these numbers just as you cannot choose your Birth Date. Nevertheless, you can choose the numbers corresponding to your Full Name. Therefore, you can consider making necessary positive changes to your name spelling to obtain a balanced and harmonious Full Name Number


However, before you attempt to do such changes, you need to understand the meaning of numbers 1 to 9 with respect to Numerology. Once you are aware of their meaning thereafter you can do the necessary changes to your name spelling on your own. But, it is always advisable to Hire An Expert Numerologist who can guide you professionally; enabling you to achieve the desired success in Life.



Meaning of Number 1 in Numerology: Monad


Positive: Leader, Strong, Creative, Original, Innovative, Active, Ambitious, Resolute, Visionary, Confident, Independent, Tenacious, Determined, Honest, Quiet, Loyal, Individuation, and Challenge Seeker.


Negative: Bossy, Egoistical, Headstrong, Selfish, Dominant, Conceited, Impatient, Arrogant, Impulsive, Lonely, Isolated, Intolerant, Disapproving, Critical, Fearful, Bully, and Tyrannical.


Meaning of Number 2 in Numerology: Duad


Positive: Artistic, Thoughtful, Charming, Gentle, Inventive, Intuitive, Cooperation, Affectionate, Sympathetic, Sensitive, Friendly, Concerned, Diplomatic, Devoted, Supportive, Tactful, Understanding, Emotional, Caring, Romantic, Feminine, Considerate, Persuasive, Peaceful, Loving, and Good Listener.


Negative: Over-Sensitive, Moody, Critical, Delicate, Timid, Shy, Passive, Fearful, Deceitful, Changeable, Petty, Depressive, Insincere, and Sloppy.


Meaning of Number 3 in Numerology: Tern


Positive: Energetic, Talented, Independent, Disciplined, Successful, Punctual, Friendly, Creative, Outgoing, Active, Joyful, Gregarious, Inspirational, Ambitious, Popular, Sociable, Conscientious, Expressive, and Youthful.


Negative: Controlling, Proud, Extravagant, Overtly Optimistic, Talkative, Boastful, Superficial, Dictatorial, Wasteful, Gossipy, Interfering, and Scheming.



Meaning of Number 4 in Numerology: Quaternion


Positive: Steady, Dependable, Robust, Enduring, Practical, Steadfastness, Conscientious, Trustworthy, Determined, Stamina, Self-disciplined, Reliable, Strong, Enthusiastic, Methodical, Studious, Organized, Logical, Responsible, Analytical, Honest, Visionary, Tenacious, Sincere, Useful, Solid, Punctual, Structured, and Orderly.      


Negative:  Reclusive, Unconventional, Rebellious, Opinionated, Isolated, Dominant, Undemonstrative, Bombastic, Rigid, Narrow Minded, Stubborn, Bossy, Spiteful, Indifferent, Slow, Moody, and Negative Attitude.



Meaning of Number 5 in Numerology: Quincunx


Positive: Lively, Versatile, Entrepreneurial, Clever, Sociable, Enthusiasm, Adaptable, Strong Feelings, Witty, Freedom, Natural Resourcefulness, Intellectual, Sensuous, Imaginative, Quick To Learn, Charming, Loquacious, Flexible, Progressive Approach, Good Mind, Fun Loving, Traveller, Crisis Oriented, and Literary.   


Negative: Restless, Quick Tempered, Impatient, Pleasure Seeker, Wasteful, Dislikes Routine Work, Impulsive, Wanderer, Nervous, Easily Bored, Highly Strung, Vulgar, Irritable, and a Tendency to Addictions.     



Meaning of Number 6 in Numerology: Hexad


Positive: Artistic, Reliable, Loving, Responsible, Resolute, Trustworthy, Open Minded, Communicative, Attractive, Romantic, Sensual, Compassionate, Friendly, Dependable, Outgoing, Sympathetic, Concerned, Understanding, Harmony, Sociable, Generous, Beauty, Perfection, Balanced, Cheerful, Organised, Creative Expression, Soft Hearted, Idealistic, Charitable, Magnetic, and Affectionate.  


Negative: Obstinate, Deceitful, Dogmatic, Too Emotional, Uncaring, Interfering, Stubborn, Passive, Dominating, Doubtful, Resentful, Depressive, and Irresponsible.



Meaning of Number 7 in Numerology: Septenary


Positive: Analytical, Spiritual, Silent, Psychic, Intuitive, Lucky, Truth Seeking, Interests in Occult Sciences, Knowledgeable, Good Mind, Intellectual, Studious, Unique, Philosophical, Theoretical Approach, Mentally Superior, Scientific, Independent, Technical, Religious, Love Of Nature, and an Authority.    


Negative: Restless, Introverted, Reserved, Sarcastic, Insensitive, Cynical, Self-Doubting, Unsettled, Timid, Deceptive, Aloof, Fault Finder, Unemotional, Turmoil, Dreamy, Secretive, Innately Shy, Sceptical, Selective, Withdrawn, and Nervous.    



Meaning of Number 8 in Numerology: Octad


Positive: Successful, Ambitious, Self-controlled, Original, Imaginative, Powerful, Organizing, Decisive, Sociable, Willpower, Wealth, Success, Determined, Strong, Good Judgement,  Focused, Confidence, Goal-Oriented, Executive Abilities, Leader, Consistent, Team-Person, Business Minded, Analytical, Courageous, Faithful, Practical, Authoritative, Energetic, Loyal, and Strong Willed. 


Negative: Misunderstood, Obstinate, Cruel, Self-centered, Intense, Blunt, Rebellious, Individual, Morbid, Difficult, Domineering, Tactless, Too Exacting, Revengeful, Rigid, Represses Feelings, Unconventional, Controversial, Greedy, Stubborn, Materialistic, Destructive, and Hateful.    


Meaning of Number 9 in Numerology: Nones


Positive: Organizer, Active, Courageous, Determined, Intuitive, Energetic, Sympathetic, Inspirational Approach, Possesses Innate Wisdom, Companionable, Dynamic, Quirky, Daring, Compassion, Imaginative, Expresses Love, Explorative, Kind, Self-sacrificing, Tolerance, Creative, Sensitive Nature, Underdog, Leadership Oriented, Generous, and Humane.    


Negative: Quick Tempered, Narrow Minded, Quarrelsome, Intense, Clinging, Critical, Dangerous, Wacky, Dreamy, Addictive, Moody, Combative, Unrealistic, Impulsive, Relationship Problems, Too Sensitive, Day Dreamer, Highly Emotional and Lack of Direction.




Numerology is a study of knowing the inherent meaning of numbers wherein each number represents some part of your Life. It prepares you to be aware of the day-to-day life issues and handle them positively. 


After understanding the meaning of numbers 1 to 9, you can use them to bring balance and harmony in your life. You can change your Full Name spelling so that the power of suitable numbers makes you successful. 


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