Rabbits Vaastu Remedies


Develops Beneficial Business Connections

“ To explore your connections and resources for financial benefits of all, place a Village Scene in the West zone along with a pair of Rabbits in the zone of churning, i.e., East-South-East.”

Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 2.5in, 4in & 5.5in

Weight approx: 1kg



When a pair of, black and white painted, brass Rabbits is placed on the floor in the East of South East (ESE) zone of your building, you will notice that your connections start working for you. Simply applying this remedy will turn your connections beneficial and starts yielding returns. This tried and tested Vastu remedy ensures that even unknowingly done actions also get rewarded. These black and white Rabbits are expert at forging relationships and contacts, and building a network that is useful for your business and career. They make sure that your work and efforts do not remain unnoticed or forgotten and convert expenditure into profitable returns.



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